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Andi is a New York City-based DJ and producer. As the founder of the dark synth and industrial party, SYNTHICIDE, she now holds her fourth-year residency at Brooklyn’s notorious venue Bossa Nova Civic Club. It’s here where she has cultivated a space with the intention to host dark electronic artists who might not otherwise have a platform and as a place for misfits to dance without judgement.

Her own aesthetic combines her devotion to underground 1980s industrial, EBM, and sleazy synth with dark techno and noise – creating an aggressive and dismal soundscape that is unarguably danceable. With her music she aims to challenge the expectations within the confines of this masculine genre, often focusing on the ideas of revenge and strength through a woman’s perspective.

Last September Andi released the SYNTHICIDE Compilation V1.0 and her track “Object: Crucifix” – with the next installment, V2.0, released early next year. She has several other projects to be announced in the coming months alongside an EP on VelenoViola.

Andi – “Object: Crucifix” Video Premiere via The Brvtalist